Science and technology
in motion. Apply.

Why Startup Science?

Chile and the entire world need to understand how to solve new and unpredictable challenges for which we are not yet prepared.

Here, science and technology are key.

Scientific and technological innovation is a unique tool that can push the limits of creation. We need to generate and nurture a collaborative ecosystem of scientific and technological innovation that constantly shapes new ideas.

Anticipating and creating the future.

We want to expand the scientific venture community and promote this ecosystem as the engine of a knowledge-based economy.

To achieve this, we need tools that respond to the needs of this type of venture, which:

→ Require longer R&D times before entering the market.

→ Face a high level of uncertainty due to their nature, making it difficult to obtain funding

→ Many researchers generate ideas with potential to be turned into high impact companies. However, they do not have the skills to effectively start a business. We also offer that kind of support.

What is Startup Science?

It is a funding and supporting instrument designed to boost scientific and technologic based startups by providing funds, specialized mentoring, and network access.

We will provide financing for you to grow and materialize your ideas, to encourage you to solve complex challenges, to innovate, to adapt to changes.

To place companies in the map of national and international markets, to create a new knowledge-based economy.

The Society of the Future, is Now.

What kind of projects do
we support?

Innovative and disruptive projects, based on sophisticated technology, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, augmented reality, among others.

Startup Science Funds and Support

→ Grant of up to CLP $120,000,000 (around USD $170,000)
→ Co-funding of 15% in pecunary/monetary contribution.
→ Co-funding of 10% in pecunary/monetary contribution for companies or projects led by women.

→ 12 months of implementation

Additional support
The Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Under Secretary, designed an accompaniment program for entrepreneurs that involves:

→ Regular mentoring: technical and commercial mentoring during the project.
→ Access to networks of experts and infrastructure.
→ Access to workshops and trainings.

Who can apply to Startup Science?

Legal entities of private law established in Chile, with or without profit, with less than 5 year from the constitution of the company counted from the date of the call, belonging to the category of micro or small business, that is, incomes of less than 25,000 UF/year (equivalent to 1,000,000 USD/year).

We will finance projects that already have a laboratory-validated proof of concept, that are developing a project based on sophisticated technologies,and wanting to design and validate their prototypes.

Apply from May 13 at 1pm
until June 24 at 5pm